Kois Catalog


103: Treatment Planning – Diagnostically Driven

This course is designed to focus on the four essential components in the decision making process: esthetics, function, periodontology and biomechanics.

153: Functional Occlusion – Science Driven Management

Understanding the role occlusion plays relating to wear, mobility, TMD, stability, and restorative failure is critical. This course will provide a hands-on workshop for facebow management and jaw relation records following deprogramming.

165: Treatment Planning & Functional Occlusion – Combined 103 & 153

Optional replacement for course 103 and 153
  • 103: Treatment Planning: Diagnostically Driven
  • 153: Functional Occlusion: Science Driven Management

Complete Treatment Planning I & Functional Occlusion I in a condensed 5-day format rather than the single course 3-day format. See Course I and Course II descriptions for further overview.

173: Managing the Restorative/Periodontal Interface

Understanding the dental gingival complex is critical for predictable management of the soft tissue. Discover why some anterior crown margins become exposed while others stay stable for years.

255: Biomechanics

In Biomechanics, Dr. Kois shares independent research and evidence based guidelines to understand caries detection, removal and prevention; the modes and etiology of tooth structure loss; tooth preparation and design principles utilizing proven dental materials and specific protocols for their use and important laboratory protocols to achieve predictable results.

275: Implants Fixed & Removable

The use of implants in general practice has created both new levels of excitement and frustration. This course will dispel the “hype”, which is not brand specific, and will focus on what is critical for predictable success. This course presents a step-by-step approach to restoring the challenging edentulous and partially edentulous patient.

303: Advanced Functional Occlusion – Complex Restorative Management

Biologic Principles in Advanced Functional Occlusion Understanding the biologic principles involved in developing a functional occlusion is vital to achieving predictable long-term restorative success. Traditionally, occlusion courses have centered on condylar position, muscle tension and gnathologic concepts such as canine guidance and mutual protection. The interpretations of these different [...]

403: Advanced Treatment Planning – Interactive Case Management

This course is a unique interactive program designed to implement the thought process necessary in creating systematic treatment plans and facilitate complex restorative treatment.

A Wellness Practice Begins With You: Wellness Week

Implementing health and wellness concepts in private practice can have huge benefits in the health of your patients, your practice, and your team - but it must start with you!

Bridging the Gap – The Diagnostic Wax Up

This participatory course will focus on the diagnostic mock up and assist the participant in making the transition from the design phase to the clinical application of a proposed treatment plan in simple to complex cases.

Creating Superior Restorations with Composite Resin

Composite resin is sometimes considered a “Second Class Citizen” when compared to porcelain as a final restoration. The conservative nature of the material allows it to be used in a number of different clinical situations for long-term clinical results. This course will provide you with techniques that will allow you to treat a number of everyday clinical situations from the worn dentition, fractured teeth, and missing teeth for increased profitability and outstanding results.

DSD Residency 1

The Digital Smile Design is a four-day course that consists of lectures, live patient demonstrations, and hands-on workshops with Dr Christian Coachman.

Optimized Digital Integration In The Dental Practice

The course will take participants through the digital workflow beginning with a new patient experience and extending to cover clinical evaluation, data collection, treatment planning, patient walkout. The course will contain lecture, hands-on exercises. Participants will be guided through a patient appointment that completely utilizes the scanner, photos and the Kois Center’s Methodology for data collection.

Soft Tissue Grafting For The Restorative Dentist

This hands-on participation course is for restorative dentist interested in a deeper understanding or a desire to incorporate gingival grafting for root coverage or augmentation purposes.

Team Approach to Delivering Kois-Inspired Dental Care: NYC

To register yourself and your team please contact Heather Privette at 206.621.5310 Ext 305 or email her at Heather@koiscenter.com. Please only register online if you are attending solo. Please click on the following link to make hotel reservations within the Kois Center Room block or call the hotel directly.

The course numbers are designed to guide the participants through the curriculum. The last number always shows the number of days for that course.

All 100 level courses do not require a prerequisite. They can be taken in any order but the suggested order is best.
103: Treatment Planning
153: Functional Occlusion
165: Combined Course – 103: Treatment Planning and 153: Functional Occlusion
173: Managing the Restorative/Periodontal Interface

All 200 level courses require at least two of the 100 levels courses to be completed first.
255: Biomechanics – requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165
275: Implants Fixed & Removable – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165 and 173

All 300 level courses require at least two of the 100 levels courses to be completed first and completion of both 200 level courses is strongly recommended.
303: Advanced Functional Occlusion – Complex Restorative Management – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165.

Completion of all 100, 200, and 300 level courses are required
403: Advanced Treatment Planning – Interactive Case Management – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165, 173, 255, 275, and 303

500 level courses are at the graduate level and require either Graduate or Recognized Specialist status to attend.
503: Annual Symposium