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165: Treatment Planning & Functional Occlusion – Combined 103 & 153

Optional replacement for course 103 and 153
  • 103: Treatment Planning: Diagnostically Driven
  • 153: Functional Occlusion: Science Driven Management

Complete Treatment Planning I & Functional Occlusion I in a condensed 5-day format rather than the single course 3-day format. See Course I and Course II descriptions for further overview.

246: Managing the Restorative/Periodontal Interface and Advanced Functional Occlusion – Combined 173 and 303

Optional replacement for course 173 and 303
  • 173: Managing the Restorative/Periodontal Interface
  • 303: Advanced Functional Occlusion: Complex Restorative Management

Understanding the dental gingival complex is critical for predictable management of the soft tissue. Discover why some anterior crown margins become exposed while others stay stable for years. Complete Restorative/Periodontal Interface & Advanced Functional Occlusion in a condensed 6-day format rather than the single course 3-day format. See Course 173 and Course 303 descriptions for further overview."

255: Biomechanics

In Biomechanics, Dr. Kois shares independent research and evidence based guidelines to understand caries detection, removal and prevention; the modes and etiology of tooth structure loss; tooth preparation and design principles utilizing proven dental materials and specific protocols for their use and important laboratory protocols to achieve predictable results.

275: Implants Fixed & Removable

The use of implants in general practice has created both new levels of excitement and frustration. This course will dispel the “hype”, which is not brand specific, and will focus on what is critical for predictable success. This course presents a step-by-step approach to restoring the challenging edentulous and partially edentulous patient.

303: Advanced Functional Occlusion – Complex Restorative Management

Biologic Principles in Advanced Functional Occlusion Understanding the biologic principles involved in developing a functional occlusion is vital to achieving predictable long-term restorative success. Traditionally, occlusion courses have centered on condylar position, muscle tension and gnathologic concepts such as canine guidance and mutual protection. The interpretations of these different [...]

Kois Off-Podium

Treating Transgender Patients (1 Year Of Access)

In this important and timely course, we will illuminate the history, identify the terminology, discover appropriate language use, and explore tips for inclusivity for both transgender children and adults.

Understanding Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire (1 Year of Access)

By understanding the Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire (PSQ), the viewer can investigate the presence of childhood Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (SRBDs) and prominent symptom complexes, including snoring, daytime sleepiness, and related behavioral disturbances.

Start Here – Path to Your Profitable Practice (1 Year of Access)

In this lecture, you’ll learn how centering yourself as the leader, manager, and clinician begins with you and your vision.

Simple Concepts to Shape and Polish Anterior Composites that Rival Porcelain (1 Year of Access)

This online course provides the participants with many priceless pearls to predictably shape and polish anterior composite restorations to the level that they can rival the beauty of the most esthetic porcelain restorations every single time.

Storytelling in Clinical Practice (1 Year of Access)

We learn best through stories. Clinical cases, when framed as stories, allow us to more effectively teach and inspire other dentists, our staff, and our patients.

Blending Analog and Digital workflows to Achieve Predictable Outcomes (1 Year Of Access)

This Presentation will explore cutting edge technologies and how they can simplify complex treatment challenges

15+ Reasons to go Digital (1 Year Of Access)

Dentists needs to understand how CAD/CAM works to make the practice more profitable, faster, more predictable & and more affordable for the patient.

Lockdowns aren’t just for COVID – they’re also useful to minimize ransomware (1 Year Of Access)

Dental Office Security

Dental Caries A Whole Person Disease (1 Year Of Access)

Dental caries is a complex biofilm mediated disease, significantly influenced by pH, and results in net mineral loss from the teeth.

Controlling the Dental Aerosols (1 Year Of Access)

Dental professionals are routinely exposed to aerosols generated by a variety of dental instruments. These aerosols contain potential pathogens and represent serious health risks to the professional.

Sleep Disordered Breathing Correlates with Total Body Health so Treat the Cause (1 Year Of Access)

This fast paced introduction to sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of the physiology, diagnosis, and medical and dental consequences of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS).

Step by step guide to develop a fully funded retirement (1 Year Of Access)

This will be laid out as a masterclass in retirement by understanding personal and business finance.

Salivary Diagnostics in Periodontal Medicine A window into another world (1 Year Of Access)

It is getting clearer and clearer that controlling oral biofilm and doing what we can to modulate the host immune-inflammatory response is the goal of the dentist when treating periodontal disease.

Photographic Communication and Material Selection (1 Year Of Access)

In dentistry today, the communication process between the Dentist, patient and technician is one of the most critical aspects for success.

Tips & Tricks for Shade Matching Excellence (1 Year Of Access)

This presentation will focus on multiple techniques for improving shade matching in day to day practice.

Creating Composite Resin Restorations for Maximum Esthetics and Longevity (1 Year Of Access)

This lecture will show you in great detail how to create composite restorations in an everyday private practice.

Staff Training

Implementing Kois Center Systems in Your Practice (1 year of access)

Implementing Kois Center Systems in Your Practice: Managing the Workflow is a course designed to empower dental assistants and front office staff to take information their Kois-trained dentists have learned at the Kois Center and successfully implement it in their daily practice.

Kois Case of the Month

Treatment Considerations for a Full-Mouth Reconstruction of a Transgender Patient (1 Year of Access)

Treatment Considerations for a Full-Mouth Reconstruction of a Transgender Patient: A transgender patient presenting as a female sought dental care with her primary concern being a desire to change the appearance of her teeth.

An Approach for Treating Bilateral Congenitally Missing Lateral Incissors (1 Year of Access)

A multidisciplinary Approach for Treating Bilateral Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors

Bridging the Gap – The Diagnostic Wax Up

This participatory course will focus on the advantages of the diagnostic wax up and assist the participant in making the transition from the design phase to the clinical application of a proposed treatment plan in simple to complex cases.

Isolate & Create

An in-depth 3-day course that is designed to improve the skills of dentists as it relates to photography, shade mapping, handling of composite, artistic creation and replication of natural teeth with resin. At the end of the course you will learn to artistically and clinically display your composite creations at the highest level.

The course numbers are designed to guide the participants through the curriculum. The last number always shows the number of days for that course.

All 100 level courses do not require a prerequisite. They can be taken in any order but the suggested order is best.
103: Treatment Planning
153: Functional Occlusion
165: Combined Course – 103: Treatment Planning and 153: Functional Occlusion
173: Managing the Restorative/Periodontal Interface

All 200 level courses require at least two of the 100 levels courses to be completed first.
255: Biomechanics – requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165
275: Implants Fixed & Removable – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165 and 173

All 300 level courses require at least two of the 100 levels courses to be completed first and completion of both 200 level courses is strongly recommended.
303: Advanced Functional Occlusion – Complex Restorative Management – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165.

Completion of all 100, 200, and 300 level courses are required
403: Advanced Treatment Planning – Interactive Case Management – Requires completion of 103 and 153 or 165, 173, 255, 275, and 303

500 level courses are at the graduate level and require either Graduate or Recognized Specialist status to attend.
503: Annual Symposium