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275: Implants Fixed & Removable

Instructor: Dr. John Kois


Course Hours

7am – 6pm Monday-Thursday

7am-5:30pm Friday

Lunch is provided daily at Birch featuring the award winning Executive Chef Jeffrey Kessenich.

Social Events

Monday Evening
Welcome Reception
On the first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates, Mentors, Clinical Instructors and the Kois Center Team.

Wednesday Evening
Boat Night
On the third evening of the course, Dr. Kois and his wife Karen invite you and your significant other to join them for a two hour boat cruise and dinner aboard Excellence featuring beer, wine and some of Chef Jeffrey’s signature dishes!

CE Credits

This course provides 50 continuing education credit hours and includes lecture, demonstration, case presentation and discussion.

AGD Credit Allocation:
Lecture Hours
Code 670: 25 Hours
Code 690: 22 Hours

Participation Hours
Code 697: 3 Hours



Strongly Recommended

Course Price

2020: $9,995

2021-2023: $10,195

Languages Offered



Implants Course: Science and Application

As implants become an increasingly common part of comprehensive patient care, the restorative dentist needs ample knowledge of both fixed and removable implant options.  Due to the significant cost of implant based dentistry, patient expectations are high. Dentists must understand the science, engineering and application of implantology to keep pace with this constantly evolving field.

During this five-day Implant course, Dr. Kois will guide you through a step-by-step approach to achieve predictable success in restoring the challenging edentulous and partially edentulous patient. Diagnosis and risk assessment, as always, are considered as they relate to patient health, restorative selection and treatment protocols.  You will gain a thorough knowledge of case and material selection, site and structure selection, sequencing of cases, impressions, jaw relation records, using attachments, cementation protocols and even evaluating failures.

implants course implants course

This Implants Course will impart confidence in your ability to assess esthetic and functional factors unique to the edentulous and partially edentulous patient, while understanding the risk factors that may affect your treatment outcomes.  You will gain the ability to effectively plan and execute comprehensive implant-based restorative treatment.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to integrate treatment planning parameters such as biomechanical considerations, number of remaining teeth, number and spacing of implants, hard and soft tissue considerations and peri-implant esthetics to create a recipe for success in managing tooth replacement with implants.
  • Improve referral communication in managing the treatment planning, placement and restoration of implants.
  • Improve clinical management of fixed implant restorative cases.
  • Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients, incorporating factors unique to the edentulous and partially edentulous patient.
  • Learn to evaluate and include treatment options, including implants, which serve to enhance success.
  • Learn simplified, accurate and logical systems for the predictable fabrication of removable restorations.
  • Learn to incorporate occlusal concepts and maxillofacial considerations which improve function and esthetics.
  • Understand how to assess and manage risk based on medical and dental conditions, incorporating factors unique to edentulous and partially edentulous patients to minimize loss of implant integration.
  • Learn to choose effectively from the array of prosthetic options, sequence treatment, and improve communications with your specialists.
  • Learn to incorporate occlusal concepts and maxillofacial considerations in implant restorative care.

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