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Bridging the Gap – The Diagnostic Wax Up

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Bakeman


Social Events

Friday Evening
Welcome Reception
The first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the Kois Center Team.

Course Hours

7:00 am –  5:00 pm

Daily Lunch provided at Birch featuring the award winning Executive Chef Jeffrey Kessenich

Credit Hours

25.5 credits:
code 010 (4 participation hours)
code 180 (4 participation hours)
code 610 (3 participation hours)
code 730 (10.5 participation hours)
code 780 (4 participation hours

Course Price


Languages Offered



This 3-day participatory course will focus on the advantages of the diagnostic wax up and assist the participant in making the transition from the design phase to the clinical application of a proposed treatment plan in simple to complex cases.

Benefits Include:

  • A better understanding of anterior tooth shapes and arrangement.
  • Improved ability to apply the 10 Step Management Considerations when treatment planning.
  • A profound and valuable understanding of the three-dimensional relationships that change when altering the occlusal vertical dimension.
  • Less stress and greater predictability when preparing indirect restorations by improved ability to visualize the result.
  • Improved ability to carve and shape provisional and direct composite restorations.
  • Improved laboratory communication (gain vital insight to optimize dentist/laboratory collaboration, including communication tools needed to optimize digital design).

*The last day of the course includes treatment planning and waxing participant provided case.  Need centric relation (deprogrammed) mounted models, radiographs, photographs, and medical/dental histories.  Return to practice ready to implement.      

Course Objectives

  • Learn to apply the esthetic components of the proposed treatment plan via a diagnostic wax up.
  • Learn to add the functional elements of the treatment plan to the models and fine tune the esthetic elements to accommodate functional considerations.
  • Review and apply accepted principles of smile design, tooth arrangement and dental anatomy.
  • Learn to use the diagnostic mock up to create treatment previews and preparation guides.

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