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Bridging the Gap – The Diagnostic Wax Up

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Bakeman


Social Events

Friday Evening
Welcome Reception
The first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the Kois Center Team.

Course Hours

7:00 am –  5:00 pm

Daily Lunch provided at Birch featuring the award winning Executive Chef Jeffrey Kessenich

Credit Hours

17 credits-
code 010 (4 participation hours)
code 180 (3 participation hours)
code 610 (3 participation hours)
code 730 (4 participation hours)
code 780 (3 participation hours)

Course Price



This participatory course will focus on the diagnostic wax up and assist the participant in making the transition from the design phase to the clinical application of a proposed treatment plan in simple to complex cases.

Benefits Include:

  • A profound and valuable understanding of the three dimensional relationships that change when altering the occlusal vertical dimension
  • Less stress and greater predictability when preparing indirect restorations by improved ability to visualize the end result
  • Improved ability to carve and shape provisional restorations
  • Improved ability with direct composite restorations
  • Improved laboratory communication (vital decision making insight that helps the dentist best guide the lab and the lab be better equipped to know what they need from the dentist)

Course Objectives

  • Learn to apply the esthetic components of the proposed treatment plan via a diagnostic wax up.
  • Learn to add the functional elements of the treatment plan to the models and fine tune the esthetic elements to accommodate functional considerations.
  • Review and apply accepted principles of smile design, tooth arrangement and dental anatomy.
  • Learn to use the diagnostic mock up to create treatment previews and preparation guides.

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