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Creating Superior Restorations with Composite Resin

Instructor: Dr. Bob Margeas


Course Hours

7am – 5pm

Social Events

Welcome Reception
The first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the Kois Center Team.

CE Credits

This course provides 16 continuing education credit hours and includes lecture and hands-on participation.

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Composite resin is sometimes considered a “Second Class Citizen” when compared to porcelain as a final restoration. The conservative nature of the material allows it to be used in a number of different clinical situations for long-term clinical results. This course will provide you with techniques that will allow you to treat a number of everyday clinical situations from the worn dentition, fractured teeth, and missing teeth for increased profitability and outstanding results.


Composite Resin


Course Overview-Part 1:

You will learn a conservative technique to sculpt and layer composite resin to achieve proper tooth contour that can mimic the natural tooth and rival porcelain.

Participants will create a composite resin veneer with incisal translucency, anatomy, surface texturing and a polished surface for long lasting results.

A Class 4 fracture will also be done that will block out any gray shine through and make the restoration invisible. A pull through technique will be shown to create a tight contact and prevent the use of wedges and matrices.

Course Overview-Part 2:

Many patients would love to have a full-mouth rehabilitation yet cannot afford to do so all at once. These patients can effectively be treated utilizing a treatment plan phased in over many months or even years. The use of composite resin overlays will allow this to be accomplished.

Participants will create posterior composite overlays to alter or maintain vertical dimension so treatment can be phased over time. The use of silicone models and a clear PVS will be shown in great detail to allow such treatment.

When patients present with missing anterior teeth and are not old enough for implants it is often times difficult to maintain the edentulous area. The use of composite resin and fiber reinforcement is a great option.

Participants will create a resin bonded bridge for a missing anterior tooth that will be strong and esthetic.

Course Objectives

  • Learn a layering technique to mimic dentin and enamel
  • Fabricate a silicone index for precise determination of incisal edges, lingual contours and establishing embrasure form
  • Learn finishing and polishing techniques to create surface texture
  • Learn transitional bonding techniques to achieve esthetic results that are cost effective and allow treatment to be phased over time.
  • Learn how to bond to different substrates
  • Learn how to create and bond a resin/fiber reinforced bridge to maintain space for a future implant
  • The techniques learned can be incorporated into your practice immediately for increased predictability and profit.

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