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Optimized Digital Integration In The Dental Practice

Instructor: Dr. Dean Kois

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Social Events

First Evening
Welcome Reception
The first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the Kois Center Team.

Course Hours

7:00 am –  5:00 pm

Daily Lunch provided at Birch featuring the award winning Executive Chef Jeffrey Kessenich

Credit Hours

138 (3 Hours)
566 (1 Hours)
780 (3 Hours)
730 (6 Hours)
13 Total Credit Hours

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Digital Dentistry

The digital dentistry methodologies and equipment modeled in the course will demonstrate, at last, a turn key solution to the many barriers dentists often face when looking to convert their practice to a digital platform. The course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive picture of what it means to be digital in the workplace, including functionality of equipment and daily workflow, and to emphasize how to utilize the integrated avenues of technology to maximize efficiency and patient satisfaction. The course will take participants through a complete patient appointment, beginning with the new patient experience and extending to cover clinical data collection and evaluation, treatment planning and patient walkout methodology. Digital technology such as a DSLR camera, digital x-rays, intra-oral scanner, a 3-D printer and a mill will be employed from start to finish as participants learn how to manipulate and complete measurements for images, radiographs and digital impressions, how to use photos, x-rays, measurements and scans to create an accurate patient risk model and how to create multiple treatment options such as a Kois Deprogrammer, Kois Night Guard, Smile Mock up, surgical guide, provisional, etc.

Security Guidelines for Establishing a Digital Practice

  • HIPPA Compliance Basics for Digital Dentistry
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Risks of Data Breach
  • Managing Digital Patient Records


How to take proper photos using either a smart device or a DSLR camera. (Hands On)

  • Proper Lighting
  • Optimal Setups for Operatory and Hallways Photography Sessions.
  • Lab Communication
  • Photo Analysis
  • Digital Dentistry

How to use an Intraoral Scanner (Hands On)

  • Proper Scanning Technique
  • Managing Multiple Scans Per Patient
  • Utilizing Scans for More Than crown and bridge
  • Replacing Full Arch photos With Scans
  • Utilize Evident Kois Hub to go from scan to appliance

In Office Fabrication Techniques (Hands On)

  • Printing Models in Office
  • Milling a Kois Deprogrammer, and Night Guard from a Design
  • Simplified Smile Mock up: From design to Patient Try In

Digital Dentistry

Digital Communication

  • Utilizing Evident-Kois Hub
  • Dental Labs vs Dental Design Centers
  • Using Design Centers for In Office Fabrication

Digital Dentistry in Practice

  • Combining digital scans, photos and CBCTs to design and fabricate a comprehensive surgical plan including implant placement and surgical guide.

digital dentistry


Course Objectives

  • Full digital workflow implementation
  • Proper photography setup in any practice
  • Proper scanning technique
  • Utilize scanning for insurance documentation
  • Streamline lab communication
  • In house fabrication process
  • Going from scan to finished protocol without casts

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