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DSD Residency 1

Instructor: Dr. Christian Coachman


Materials Required

In order to fully benefit from day 4 (which involves hands-on workshops) of the course experience, attendees will need the following:

Course Hours

Four Days
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Daily Lunch provided at Birch featuring the award winning Executive Chef Jeffrey Kessenich

Social Events

Welcome Reception
The first night of the course, attendees are invited to attend a “Welcome Reception” at Birch where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the Kois Center Team.

CE Credits

This course provides 32 continuing education credit hours and includes lecture and hands-on participation.

Course Price



DSD Residency 1 – 4 days


We have designed a whole new concept of courses, the DSD Residency. The best way to help you implement the DSD Concept in your Clinic. Join us for our brand new program of courses!

In this course Christian Coachman and team will introduce you to the DSD (Digital Smile Design) concept through lectures and a live patient demonstration of the Smile Design process, team communication protocol and Emotional Dentistry approach by utilizing an unique digital workflow. A detailed protocol of facial dynamic analysis and esthetic parameters will be presented through Smile Design exercises that will help integrate beauty into OroFacial Therapy. Become a Holistic Dentist!

You will learn in this course: Digital Smile Design Principles , Digital Dentistry and Smart Phone Video/Photo Protocol, Intra-Oral Scanning and Printed Mock ups, Emotional DentistryDynamic Facial Analysis and 3D Smile Design, Morpho-PsychologyArtistic VisionGlobal Diagnoses and Facially Driven Dentistry, Treatment Planning Session, Facial Analyses and Orthognathic Surgery, Morphological Research for Smile Reconstruction, Dento-Gingival Prosthesis, Lip Lift, Botox, Fillers, Bichectomy and Facial Plastic Procedures, OroFacial Research and Literature Review, Inbound Digital Marketing, 21st Century Management strategies, DSD Planning Center Concept, The New DSD App for Smile Design & OroFacial Analysis/Simulation, 2D and 3D design.


Digital Smile Design

The course will present a full demonstration of the DSD protocol on a live patient and the complete digital workflow. Once the final smile design and treatment plan are developed, this project with be connected to different platforms as CAD/ CAM, 3D orthodontics, and 3D surgical planning systems.

DSD Motivational Mockup and the Treatment Plan from Digital Smile Design DSD on Vimeo.

Course Objectives

  • How to become a better smile designer, because smile design is the primary principle of any a treatment plan (Facially generated Tx Plan).
  • How to implement a realistic team communication protocol, because communication is the key to genuine functional interdisciplinary dentistry.
  • How to interact with your patients to enhance the value of their treatment and increase case acceptance through the new concept of emotional dentistry.
  • How to link the beautiful smile design process to the actual treatment using a simple and effective digital workflow that will connect the 2D drawings of DSD to 3D software systems (ie, CAD/CAM, 3D orthodontics, and guided surgery).
  • All of these concepts will be demonstrated on actual patients, live on stage, showing all the steps that can transform a normal dental office into a modern, genuinely interdisciplinary esthetic dental clinic.

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