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513: Mentor Exam

Instructor: Dr. John Kois


When does Registration open?

Mentor Exam Registration opens at 8AM PST on the first day of Symposium.

Exam Capacity

32 graduates


Must be a Kois Center Graduate and have attended or be registered to attend at least one Kois Center Symposium prior to the Exam date (ie: Registration for the 2022 Symposium permits participation in the 2023 Exam and beyond)


Hyatt Regency Hotel
808 Howell St.
Seattle, WA 98101
(Specific room number assigned prior to exam)


Oral Presentation Date & Time

The Wednesday prior to the first day of Symposium

Approx. 1:00pm – 4:00pm
(Your check-in time will be assigned to you)




Kois Center Graduates are eligible to participate in the Mentor Exam after having attended at least 1 Symposium. The Exam is meant to be a growth experience, and will provide an opportunity for the Graduate to demonstrate an understanding of Kois Center principles and show evidence of implementation into his/her practice. Those who pass the Mentor Exam will be invited to join the Kois Center Mentor program. All initial documents are sent to the Mentor Exam participants in early October.

Exam Structure

The Mentor Exam is a 10-month process beginning in October with several checks and balances along the way.

Part 1 – Online Exam: Multiple Choice (110 questions, open-book)
Part 2 – Oral Exam Case Presentation

  • 20 minute presentation, 5 minute Q&A
  • Evaluation takes place by a panel of CIs
  • Case PowerPoint template is provided and must be used for this presentation (PowerPoint XP or newer is required to use this Template)
  • Case Selection Guideline: (NOTE: When selecting your case, please recognize that your case will be evaluated not for its complexity, but for the diagnostic thought processes learned at the Center and the application of the concepts. We recommend you select a straight-forward case that clearly exemplifies implementation of Kois Center principles.)

Case Selection Criteria Overview

    • The periodontal classification can be stage 1 through 4
    • No active caries or defective restorations will remain after treatment plan is completed.
    • Occlusion is properly managed and the case is restored in Centric Relation using a Kois Deprogrammer and one of the following criteria are met:
    • At least moderate functional risk
    • OR –
    • Acceptable Function, but the occlusal vertical dimension is changed
    • The maxillary arch related to natural head position (use of Dentofacial Analyzer and Kois Facial Reference Glasses)
    • At least two maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth are treated with indirect restorations
    • The treatment plan and completed treatment must decrease overall risk or improve overall prognosis
    • No complete dentures or implant assisted prosthesis cases
    • Mentor Case Presentation Template – PPT must be completed with all photos and diagnostic boxes filled in through slide #55 (Treatment Sequence Summary)
    • You have presented a case in Course 403 – Advanced Treatment Planning. You can use the same case you presented in Advanced Treatment Planning only if it was not completed at the time of presentation and it meets the proper case criteria.
  • Mentor Exam resources can be found by searching ‘Mentor’ on the Support Materials Page

Exam Results

Exam Results will be provided in writing within thirty-days following the Symposium.

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