Executive Boards


2021-2022 Advisory Board Members:

Nancy Hartrick, DDS – Chair
Steve Acker, DDS
Dave Cauble, DDS
Manny Karamanis, DDS
Jeff Bynum, DDS
Scott Strommer, DDS


The overall goal of the Kois Center Advisory Board is to aid, foster, encourage, and promote the growth of the Kois Center.


  • To be a liaison between the Kois Center and its membership.
  • To provide advice and counsel to the Kois Center.
  • To promote the goals and objectives of the Kois Center to its membership and the dental community.
  • To assist in and provide critical and supportive advice for the growth of the Kois Center.
  • To advise and assist the Kois Center in long-term strategic planning.
  • To assist in membership advancement with continual development and refinement.

Guiding Principles:

The Advisory Board will be guided by the following principles:

  • Integrity, Commitment and Passion
  • Belief in and support for the vision of the Kois Center – “It’s about changing lives.”
  • Represent the interests of the greater membership




2021-2022 Editorial Board Members:

Susan Sheets, DDS – Section Editor, Compendium
Matt Falkenstein, DDS
David Chan, DMD
Sandy Roth
Jean Martin, DDS
Matthew West, DMD
John Neuhaus, DDS
Christine Hansen, DDS
Amanda Tavoularis, DDS


  • To promote understanding, acceptance, and clinical adoption of the principles and methods taught at the Kois Center
  • To support the Kois Center at the direction of the Advisory Board and Dr. Kois


  • To provide a clear and consistent voice for all Kois Center related publications


  • To publish at least four case presentations per year in the Compendium of Continuing Dental Education
  • To assist Kois Center committees with communications and publications
  • To guide and encourage potential authors in the publishing process through the use of templates and clear expectations
  • To guide and encourage potential editors so they may confidently provide support for the Editorial Board’s mission