Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer

The Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer System registers and transfers the patient’s occlusal plane as well as tilts in the occlusal plane in three planes of space to the articulator relative to an average 100 mm axis-incisal distance. O-rings can be adjusted on the Vertical Indicator Rod to the patient’s facial landmarks for the evaluation of facial proportions. The height of the lip commisures can be measured from the Index Tray for marking on the study casts.

  1. Based on Dr. John C. Kois’ research of an average axis-incisal distance of 100 mm, the Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer was developed to simplify the procedures of transferring and mounting study casts for both esthetics and function. Dr. Kois’ research is substantiated and corroborated by Bonwill’s Equilateral Triangle, Monson’s Spherical Theory (4” = 100.12 mm), Weinberg studies in 1963 as well as others.
  2. Dr. Kois’ studies were done using different Ethnic backgrounds and genders. Through his research, he found that approximately 80% of the population are within 5 mm of the average 100 mm axis-insical distance, which is approximately the same percentage reported in research comparing arbitrary earbows.
  3. Traditionally, dentists are taught to make the incisal canine line parallel to the eyes. If the eyes are slanted, then the teeth would also be made slanted. The dental midline is critical and is always related to the facial midline. Therefore, we need to register the facial midline which dictates the dental midline. Then the occlusal plane will be made perpendicular to the dental midline.
  4. This system registers the steepness and tilts of the occlusal plane related in three planes of space. The horizontal portion of the Analyzer Bow will register an occlusal-horizontal plane of reference. The Vertical Rod will register the facial mid-line for the sagittal plane of reference; and the average axis-incisal distance of 100 mm relates to the frontal plane of reference.


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