A Mentor is a Kois Center Graduate who displays a thorough & working knowledge of the Kois Center concepts & methods.

  • Accept the responsibility of being an integral part of the Kois Center and know that the integrity of the Kois Center itself relies on the personal integrity of its Members.
  • Kois Center Graduate
  • Pass the Mentor Exam
  • Attend the Symposium at least 3 out of every 5 years or purchase of the Symposium materials from the previous year


  • Invitation to the Annual Kois Center Symposium
  • Attend a Kois Course as a Mentor
    • No Charge
    • Specific Mentor responsibilities will be established for each course.
    • Accommodations provided at the Silver Cloud Inn (alternative: additional $150 Kois Bucks or $300 for Track Courses). The Kois Center will coordinate with the Silver Cloud Inn to cover your stay.
  • Discounted course tuition
  • Use of the Kois Center Mentor Title and/or Logo

Life Mentor

Those who have successfully fulfilled the criteria for becoming a Mentor, including passing the Mentor Exam, but have not maintained the requirements for Mentor membership as outlined above (note: “active” Mentor membership can be regained by fulfilling these attendance requirements)


  • Same as Mentor as outlined above with the exception of attending a Kois Course as a Mentor