Evident Kois Hub

What is the Evident Kois Hub?

Evident-Kois Hub – a HIPPA compliant, universal digital storage locker for patient files. The portal accepts photos, STL files, CBCT scans, lab communication forms and any other documentation you would like to store for free. Patient files automatically attach to Kois Center design protocols and can be sent to a digital design center for creation. This allows any staff member to scan a patient and order a design from a lab, without extensive computer or scanning skills. The design can then be sent to the dentist’s preferred lab or back to the practice for in-office fabrication.

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Creating An Account – Evident Kois Hub

Set up is easy and takes a few minutes. The dentist sets up an account and adds practice locations and staff.


Inviting A Lab – Evident Kois Hub

The portal allows you to send digital files to any lab of your choosing at no charge.


Ordering A Case – Evident Kois Hub