Kois Buyers Group

The Kois Buyers Group brings dental suppliers and dentists together, offering discounts and promotions on products you need. Through our partnering vendors, you can be sure you are getting the lowest price without having to purchase in bulk.

The mission of the Kois Buyers Group is to provide dentists with the lowest price for a product without having to buy in bulk or wait for a special “Trade Show” price. To join, a dentist needs to have taken at least one Kois course and pay a small annual fee of $299. This gives them access to a list of participating vendors that offer special pricing for the Kois Buyers Group. The discounts range from 15% to 50% off retail pricing. Once you sign up, your information will be sent automatically to all participating vendors. Most vendors will add the discount directly to your account and you will start to see savings right away. Please work with your representative to ensure you are getting the proper discounts for your membership in the Kois Buyers Group. There is no obligation to purchase from any of the listed vendors and no exclusivity agreements.

You are free to purchase as little or as much as you like from any of them. Purchases are made directly from the vendor.

Kois Buyers Group Website