The Harbor

The Kois Center Alumni provides support to its membership through a members-only website called the “Harbor”. This is a resource designed to provide both information and inspiration during times of growth in both your practice and your personal life. For questions related to the Harbor, please email

Through inspiring quotes, video clips, webinars and words of wisdom from our own membership, the Harbor aims to be the following:

A Place to Find Your Path When You Need Inspiration:

As an adjunct to the clinical excellence that the Kois Center teaches us, the Harbor’s focus is on non-clinical dentistry. From communication challenges with staff and patients, to implementation challenges with new protocols, the Harbor helps us network with people that have experience in overcoming obstacles in both their professional and personal lives.

A Place to Turn When It Really Hurts:

Often we run into major obstacles in our lives. As almost every crisis has been experienced by someone else in the past, our goal is to draw on the collective wisdom of our membership to support those in need. Although this is a “friends supporting friends” environment, confidentiality is greatly respected. We view this as the “Coast Guard” aspect of the Kois Group and, to the best of our ability, we will find the help you need.


The Harbor