Do Some Dentists Take More Continuing Education Than Others?

Continuing education credits (CE credits) are something that every dental practitioner is legally required to complete on an annual basis.

Depending on the state where your dentist is located, some are mandated to take more than others. However, some dentists choose to take dozens to hundreds of hours more than what’s legally required, simply to become the best provider possible or perfect their knowledge in certain areas of dentistry.

Although dentists graduate from dental school being competent in all general and restorative dentistry, ongoing CE credits help them to advance their capabilities and improve the quality of care they’re capable of offering to their patients.

Added Continuing Education Certifications

It’s not uncommon for the best dentists in the nation to travel out of town (or across the country) to complete intensive training, mini-residencies, mentorship, or clinics to learn specific strategies and perfect their current skill set.

Certain procedures cannot be completed in the dental office unless specific continuing education courses are taken and certifications earned.

On the other hand, a procedure such as dental implants or soft tissue therapies can be offered in a general private practice, but the dentist may not feel they have enough of the foundational knowledge and skill set to confidently provide this service without additional training outside of dental school. Attending topic-specific courses on these treatments gives the dentist the resources necessary to perform the highest level of care with added training in a particular subject.

Incorporating New Technology and Methods

Every few years, new technological advancements and treatment methods are developed. To learn how to use them, dentists must select specific CE credits classes for appropriate training. Unless they go out of the way to attend these continuing education courses, they won’t receive the training and tips from the people who developed them and understand the “behind the scenes” details.

For instance, soft tissue laser therapy is becoming more and more common in general and specialty dental clinics. But unless your dentist has added training in how to properly use the equipment, you may be more hesitant to have your procedure completed in their office. When your dentist goes to continuing education courses, it benefits both them at a professional level and you as a patient.

Training by the World’s Top Dentists

Not all continuing education providers and courses are the same. The best dentists will seek out the best CE credits institutions, which hold high standards in patient care and professional skillsets. Smaller, more intensive courses make it so that your dentist can learn from the best leaders in the industry. Many choose to travel out of town multiple times throughout the year, simply to train with these industry professionals.

The Kois Center is one such continuing education provider. Our state-of-the-art training facility is located in Seattle and is an American Dental Association certified continuing education provider. Our Alumni are some of the most skilled dentists in the country, committed to providing the very best care and resources to each patient who walks through their practice doors. Find a Kois dentist near you today!