What Causes Crowded or Crooked Teeth In Children?

Crowded or crooked teeth mainly occur when the teeth coming into your child’s mouth are larger than the space available in the jaws. Erupting teeth will follow the path of least resistance. If there is not adequate space for them to come in straight, they will rotate, overlap, and become crooked. Genetics is often a factor.

Are Crowded or Crooked Teeth normal in children?

Crowded or crooked teeth can be a normal part of a child’s development. Jaw bone development and tooth development may not happen at the same rate or time. A size discrepancy between the adult teeth and the baby teeth can also lead to crowded, crooked teeth. As your child grows, the teeth are better able to fit properly in the mouth.

How do I manage my child’s Crowded or Crooked Teeth?

It is recommended that your child be evaluated by their dentist when crowded or crooked teeth are a concern. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary if normal jaw growth does not provide enough room for teeth to straighten out.

What will happen if I do nothing about my child’s Crowded and Crooked Teeth?

If you do nothing about the crowding and/or crooked teeth, there is a good possibility the teeth may stay that way. Other than the compromised appearance of crooked teeth, a person’s bite and chewing can be affected by misaligned teeth. Abnormal wear on the teeth and jaw pain may result. Crowded teeth may cause an adult tooth to become impacted and never grow into the mouth properly. Occasionally, adult teeth may have to be removed to make space to straighten the remaining teeth. Crowded teeth may also be difficult to keep clean. Orthodontic correction at the appropriate age can help guide the adult teeth into the mouth for proper fit, function, and appearance.

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