Do Dental Insurance Benefits Expire?

If you’ve been waiting until after the holidays are over to catch up on your dental care, think again. You could be throwing away hundreds to thousands of dollars by simply delaying your appointment for a couple of weeks.


Why? Because every January 1st, most dental insurance policies reset. That means any funds available to cover necessary oral health services during this calendar year go away.


This can be a good and not so good thing. For example, if you’re waiting to start on a necessary procedure, it means putting the treatment off until January will cause you to lose the benefits you’re still entitled to for 2019. But if you start treatment before the end of the year, your allowances re-set at the new year, so that you can address additional treatments you need (without hitting your yearly allowance so early on.)


Remember, most dental insurance plans are designed to promote preventative care. So, your cleanings and exams are typically covered 100% twice per year. If you don’t use those allowances, you lose them. They do not roll over until the next calendar year. By scheduling a checkup every six months, your dentist can intercept any developing issues while they’re still reversible or more affordable to treat.


As with any type of dental treatment, your Kois Dentist will have financial coordinators who help to break down your benefits and allowances, so that you know exactly what to expect when it’s time to schedule a treatment, be it a small filling or a dental implant supported All-on-4 prosthesis. When there are portions of your care plan that aren’t covered by yearly benefits, it may be possible to schedule them a month later when your benefits reset. If not, flexible financing is also available!


Call a Kois dentist today for an individualized care plan that helps your insurance benefits work in your favor.