Scientific Program Overview



We have come to the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Symposium as an in person meeting. We have been working through different possible options but we felt that all of them sacrificed too much of what makes the Symposium special. The personal connections that Tribe members make with us and each other would be severely limited with current social distancing practices.

As an alternative to the in person live Symposium, Dr. Kois will be presenting the most up to date scientific information in a collection of videos filmed in a closed studio with a professional film crew. The digital manual will serve a companion to the video presentations much like it does during the live event. The video collection and companion manual will be released the last week in July.


  • Digital Manual: Your Symposium manual will be in a digital format. We recommend you bring an iPad, Android tablet or laptop for viewing. No laptops or iPads will be provided by the Kois Center.  Internet will be provided in the meeting room.

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